How to Select a Boundary SCAN System

How to Select a Boundary SCAN System post image

Our latest free guide: “How to Select a Boundary SCAN System” is now available FREE for download.

This guide provides insight into how to find, evaluate, purchase and support the right Boundary SCAN system for your and your company.  We cover all aspects of the transaction from, initial research and first vendor contact through product demonstrations, system purchase and post sales support. This comprehensive guide will help you compare and contrast systems and vendors and to select the for today and for the future. Major sections include:

  • How to compare the technical merits of each system
  • Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of various licence policies
  • Getting the most from vendor demonstrations
  • How to get the most from an evaluation
  • Create your short list of products
  • Getting the best financial deal
  • Understanding the lifetime costs of each system

and much more.



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